Air Freshener & Air Sterils

Principal Business Solutions Ltd offers a range of air fresheners & air sterils.

Air Fresheners and Air Steril systems are not limited to the washroom, they are widely used in reception areas, front of house, meeting & changing rooms, gyms, etc.


Commercial Air Freshners

Our range of commercial air fresheners automatically dispense a choice of fragrance to suit your preference helping to neutralise malodours, ensuring an odour controlled environment for your visitors and employees is constantly provided. A fresh smelling washroom will reflect well on your business and give people a good impression.

sanitary bins

High Quality Air Steril Units

With Air Steril units being the preferred option for hotels, nurseries, nursing & care homes, call centres, doctors and vets etc. Similar to other air fresheners in our range, continuous performance of the Air Steriliser ensures a fresh smelling and hygienic environment is constantly provided for your staff and visitors.


Environmentally Friendly

The Air Steriliser provides an environmentally friendly solution with low running costs and removes the need to control bad odours with chemical solutions.


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